DSC Regen

Case Studies

DSC Regen’s Erasmus+ projects offer work placements hosted by employers in the Energy Efficiency and Community Development sectors. These case studies give an insight into the day-to-day experiences of our Erasmus+ participants and the skills developed during their placements with the respective host employers.


Students taking part in DSC Regen’s 2017 KA1 Energy Efficiency and Community Development Mobility Project completed a 3-day programme of intensive preparation training immediately before starting their mobilities.  They work with their course tutors and our Project Management to staff and also receive detailed individual guidance from their Host Employers about their work experience placement and destination city to ensure that they are fully prepared for their mobilities.  The preparation programme also helps the students to get to know each better and helps them to bond as a group, which is vital as they will be living and working together for the next 3 months. 

Students from this group are currently undertaking mobilities in Seville, Spain with Host Employers in the energy sector, including Buro4 Arquitectos, Hombre de Piedra, Isotrol, Mediamundo Arquitectos, Quintas Energy, Studio WET and Third Sector International.  For the first time we are also offering mobilities to France, based with ALFMED in Perpignan.

We also provided language support and ensure all participants completed their OLS language assessments and worked on developing their French or Spanish skills as much as possible before starting their mobilities and our IAG staff were on hand to provide practical advice ranging from complex issues such as support with medical conditions to more basic advice on what to pack.

We always organise the mobilities to start immediately after the end of  preparation activities and these students completed the programme on September 14th and flew out to France or Spain on September 15th so that they started their mobilities fresh from their preparation and full of enthusiasm!