DSC Regen

Case Study – Kishan Patel, Quintas Energy

Hi, I’m Kishan and I’m a student on the DSC Regen Erasmus+ programme currently doing work experience at Quintas Energy in Seville in a Junior Engineer role.  The core of my role focuses on monitoring and assessing the performance of solar installations.  This is done remotely from the Quintas Energy office in Seville but the installations themselves are all over the world – for example, I monitor ones in the UK, the United States, Italy and Australia.  We are looking for where installations are showing signs of sub-optimal performance and then it is part of my job to propose solution to ensure they are working as well as possible, i.e. generating their maximum energy output, or at least as close to that as possible in the conditions.

DSC_0009 1.JPG

I am finding it rewarding due to the experience, also working in a different working environment abroad, I enjoy the differences in lifestyle as well and I think that my work ethic is reflecting that.

I feel well supported in the workplace as well as more generally with living and working in Seville.  My line manager helps to resolve any day-to-day issues during my placement has been there to discuss my general wellbeing.  The whole experience has exceeded my expectations as well; everything was clear and transparent from the start, so I’m appreciative of that.  


Being able to practice my Spanish has been amazing and I really feel like I’m starting to make some decent progress with the language.  I am also continuing to work towards my Level 3 Certificate in Domestic Energy Assessment, which I know will be beneficial for me in the future because I will be able to sign up to an Accreditation Body to allow to me to further enhance my skills as well as produce Energy Performance Certificate (which are required every time a residential property is sold or rented, both in the UK and throughout Europe)

I would definitely recommend the experience to anyone, the new experience working abroad is very different to that of the UK, the work placement itself is also really good, I’ve worked more into the role, learning the ways before given more responsibility, so the progression has been something that people should experience as it’s a nice way to gain confidence.

I was asked to sum up my experience in 3 words and this is what I came up with – Hot, Enjoyable, Assertive – make of that what you will!